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Aroma Tierra

Top 5 Roll-on Set - For Aromatherapy, Gift, Sleep, Mood, Breathe, Headache

100% Natural & Organic

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Set of Top 5 Roll-ons: Sleep Aid (For Deep & Restful Sleep), Joy (Uplifting & Energizing), Yogi (Grounding & Balancing), Head Lite (Respiratory Blend), Breathe Easy (For Migraine & Headache Relief)


Sleep Aid Essential Oil Roll-on (For Deep & Restful Sleep): 

Aroma Tierra Sleep Aid Essential Oil Roll-on is crafted with pure Essential Oils to promote deeper and more restful sleep. Apply it to your pulse points to ease into a deep slumber.

Joy Essential Oil Roll-on (Uplifting & Energizing): 

Aroma Tierra Joy Essential Oil Roll-on has a delightful aroma to instantly uplift your mood and promote feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, and positivity. Apply it to your pulse points to inspire optimism.

Yogi Essential Oil Roll-on (Grounding & Balancing): 

Aroma Tierra Yogi Essential Oil Roll-on is crafted with balancing & grounding essential oils that allow you to connect with your mind & body at a deeper level. Apply it to your pulse points to enhance your yoga, meditation, or spiritual routines.

Breathe Easy Essential Oil Roll-on (Respiratory Blend): 

Aroma Tierra Breathe Easy Essential Oil Roll-on helps promote clear breathing, alleviate cold & cough symptoms, clear nasal blockage, and ease sinus headaches. Apply it to pulse points to ease your discomfort.

Head Lite Essential Oil Roll-on (For Migraine & Headache Relief): 

Aroma Tierra Head Lite Essential Oil Roll-on is crafted with 7 potent headache-relieving essential oils. It alleviates headaches and migraines by promoting blood circulation, relaxing tense muscles, and numbing pain through its cooling sensation.

How to Use

Directions: Roll over the chosen area. Re-apply as desired

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  • 100% Pure

  • 100% Natural

  • Extracted in 35+ Countries

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  • Cruelty Free

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