The Brand

We are an honest brand that is committed to go an extra mile to extract the best quality pure & natural oils with maximum therapeutic benefits. We specialize in oils, and we are very passionate about producing and bringing the best oils to everyone.

We are one-notch higher than just being pure & natural. We put in extra effort at every step of our operations to ensure purity and quality.

We use only the best quality produce for our oils from the country where the crop grows best. Crop origin is important because a suitable climate is essential for a healthy plant. Our oils are extracted in 35+ countries across the globe – for example, Lemon oil is from Italy, Lavender is from French highlands, Tea Tree is from Australia, Argan oil is from Morocco, and so on. Each bottle label clearly mentions the crop origin and the plant variety.

We lay strong emphasis on the extraction process as it is a significant determinant of the oil quality. All our Face & Body oils are extracted using ‘Cold-pressing’ method, and we strictly avoid exposure to high temperature and use of hexane or any other solvents. We ensure there is no post-processing, refining, deodorizing, or decolorization to keep the oil in its most natural form. We ensure there are no additives, solvents, chemicals, or preservatives in any of our products.

Our organic range is certified organic by ECOCERT, a French certification body and arguably the most stringent certification body globally. Each organic oil is extracted from high-quality produce from certified organic farms. Even the cleaning agents used in our facilities are entirely organic.

We go the extra mile in packaging too – we use specially designed violet-glass bottles that are known to be superior to amber glass or blue glass bottles for preserving the potency of the oils. We take extreme care to be mindful of the environment and recycle as much as possible. We engage only in sustainable farming and fair trade.

Most importantly, we love what we do and are dedicated to bringing this tiny bit of nature to your home and everyday life.

  • No chemicals, solvents, additives or preservatives

    We do NOT add any synthetic additives such as fragrances, chemicals or preservatives in any of our oils. We do not deal in synthetic oils made with chemicals. We never will

  • Extensively tested for purity & quality

    We work only with carefully handpicked plantations, farms, distillers, and partners who, like us, have an unwavering commitment towards excellence in quality and purity. Each oil is sourced after the stringent screening to ensure absolute purity. Every batch undergoes an extensive testing and quality checks to ensure strict adherence to purity standards

  • Extracted in 35+ different countries

    Our oils are extracted in 35+ different countries across 6 continents, depending on where the crop grows best – for example, Argan from Morocco, Rose from Bulgaria, Lavender from France, Rosehip from Chile, and many many more

  • Organic range certified by ECOCERT, France

    Our organic range is certified by ECOCERT, France which is a globally well-recognized body for organic certification

  • Cruelty free

    All our products are cruelty-free and vegan. We neither use any ingredients derived from animals in our products nor test our products on animals

  • Specially designed violet glass bottles

    All our oils are packaged in specially designed violet glass bottles that allow only a specific range of light frequencies to enter, thereby preserving the quality and potency of the oil, and increasing its shelf life