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Aroma Tierra

Eternal - Essential Oil Nebulizer (Water-less Diffuser)

Eternal - Essential Oil Nebulizer (Water-less Diffuser)

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Aroma Tierra Eternal nebulizer is universally admired for its vintage design, soothing candlelight, and effective diffusion. Its cutting-edge technology atomizes Essential Oils into thousands of micro-particles without the use of heat or water, providing a superior aromatherapy experience. A nebulizer is preferred by aromatherapists as it is known to best preserve the therapeutic essence and rich aroma of Essential Oils.
Material: Eco-Friendly | Wood and Glass
Technology: Waterless nebulization
Light: Soothing Warm White Light (Optional)
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Crafted with natural wood and handblown glass, Eternal Nebulizer enhances your living space while being an environment-friendly choice.

Experience a superior aromatherapy experience with the cutting-edge nebulization technology of Eternal Nebulizer. It preserves the therapeutic essence and rich aroma of Essential Oils as it diffuses without heat and water dilution.

How to Use

  • Connect the power cable to the base unit
  • Insert the glass flask with downward rotation into the wooden base
  • Add essential oil of your choice from the top opening. Ensure that the essential oil is below the top end of the spray head
  • Cover the mist nozzle and adjust the position to ensure that it is sealed tightly
  • Connect the power supply and turn on the unit by pressing the Power/Mist button
  • Choose the desired mode of operation using the touch buttons

Shipping Details


  • Standard - Delivery in 1-2 days (Except holidays)
  • Express - Same day delivery in Dubai

International (outside UAE):

  • Delivery in 1-2 weeks

Please note that due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, our international shipping and shipping rates might be affected. Kindly contact us to get the latest update. Thank you for understanding.