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Aloe Vera Oil - Organic

100% Pure & Natural


Top benefits of Aloe Vera oil

An extraordinary gift from nature, aloe vera has been an integral part of beauty regimens over centuries. Aloe Vera oil is a fusion of aloe extracts with oil, and is packed with nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, & B,allantoin, minerals, aloverose, enzymes, and β-carotene. Aloe Vera oil offers excellent regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties - it moisturizes dry skin, repairs damagedskin, soothes irritated skin, treats skin issues, aids in healing wounds, sunburns & burns, fades dark spots, pigmentation, &stretch marks, lightens skin-tone, and reduces fine lines. Aloe Vera oil works wonders for hair too - it boosts hair growth,promotes healthy scalp, controls dandruff, and reduces dry scalp conditions.

Why Aroma Tierra Organic Aloe Vera oil?

  • Aroma Tierra brings nature’s finest Aloe Vera oil made with the best quality Aloe Vera plants from organic farming
  • Our Aloe Vera oil is made with 100% pure & natural Aloe Vera leaf extract in organic sunflower oil, with no further processing, ensuring that all the natural benefits of Aloe Vera are captured in the oil
  • Our Organic Aloe Vera Oil is COSMOS Organic Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard
  • 100% of total ingredients of this oil are from organic farming
  • Our carrier oils are FREE from heavy metals, chemicals, additives, synthetic fragrances and preservatives
  • Our oils are packed in specially designed violet glass bottle to prevent damage from sunlight 

Crop source - Mexico

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