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Aroma Tierra

Floral Symphony - Gift Set of 2 Luxury Body Oils - Rose Patchouli, Passion

Floral Symphony - Gift Set of 2 Luxury Body Oils - Rose Patchouli, Passion

The Perfect Gift Set for Her

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Set of 2 Organic Luxury Oils - Rose & Patchouli Body Oil, Passion Body Oil
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Rose & Patchouli Body Oil:

Aroma Tierra Rose & Patchouli Body Oil is a luxurious blend of timeless rose and mystical patchouli in a nourishing base of skin-loving organic oils. It beautifully intertwines sweet floral notes of Bulgarian rose with deep musky notes of patchouli and citrusy facets of bergamot, to create a unique enchanting aroma. Formulated with the right balance of oils, Rose & Patchouli Body Oil moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and supple, without leaving a greasy residue. Use it after a shower or add it to your bath to pamper your body and soul and experience nature’s magic.

Passion Body Oil:

Aroma Tierra Passion Body Oil is an expertly crafted aromatherapy blend that invigorates the senses, releases inhibitions, and sets the mood for romance. Its enchanting and deeply relaxing aroma is a complex mix of soft floral notes beautifully layered with musky patchouli and deep rich sandalwood. This alluring blend of the most enticing essential oils in a luxurious base of skin-loving organic oils is sure to create a perfect romantic atmosphere.

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