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مجموعة زيت الوجه - ثمر الورد ، التين الشوكي ، زيت اللبان العطري

مجموعة زيت الوجه - ثمر الورد ، التين الشوكي ، زيت اللبان العطري

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Face Oil set contains the most potent skin-loving botanicals that are suitable for all skin types. Rosehip Oil repairs skin, fades blemishes, and promotes glow, Prickly Pear Oil makes skin soft & supple, delays aging, and treats dryness, and Frankincense Essential Oil prevents premature aging and brightens dull skin. The set includes 30ml violet glass bottle, 30ml dropper, and a recipe card to create & store your face blend.
Ingredients: 1 x 30ml Organic Prickly Pear Oil, 1 x 30ml Organic Rosehip Oil, 1 x 10ml Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, 1 x 30ml Glass Bottle, 1 x 30ml Glass Dropper, 1 x Recipe Card
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Top Benefits

Prickly Pear Oil - The Miracle Face Oil

Hydrates and revitalizes

Regarded as ‘a miracle moisturizer’, Prickly Pear Oil offers outstanding hydrating, healing, and revitalizing properties. It is a light textured oil that gets readily absorbed. It makes the skin velvety soft, supple, and radiant. High linoleic acid (omega 6) helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and boost the skin’s water-retaining properties.

Prevents premature aging

Prickly Pear Oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants such as vitamin E, polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins, which makes it effective in combating free radical damage and delaying aging. Prickly Pear Oil is also a good source of amino acids that promote cell turnover and collagen production and help minimize the appearance of fine lines. Create a potent anti-aging oil by adding a few drops of Frankincense and Geranium Essential Oils to a mixture of Prickly Pear Oil and Rosehip Oil.

Fades scars, marks, and blemishes

With its unique composition of vitamin E and K, Prickly Pear Oil is known to fade acne marks, dark spots, blemishes, scars, and stretch marks. It also helps to brighten the skin, even skin tone, and reduce hyperpigmentation. Add Tamanu and Rosehip Oils to make a potent anti-scar blend. Add a few drops of Carrot Seed and Helichrysum Essential Oils for added benefits.

Reduces dark circles

Prickly Pear Oil is a very popular choice for undereye treatment. It helps reduce dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Add Avocado and Rosehip Oils, and a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to make a powerful under-eye blend.

Strengthens skin’s barrier function

Prickly Pear Oil contains a very high amount of linoleic acid (omega 6, an essential fatty acid), which helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier function, thereby protecting the skin against environmental stressors such as pollutants, microorganisms, and UV rays. It also provides long-lasting hydration by locking-in moisture and preventing transepidermal water loss.

Treats dry lips

Apply a few drops of Prickly Pear Oil to moisturize and treat dry, chapped lips. It gets readily absorbed and makes the lips soft and luscious.

Rosehip Oil - The Oil of Youth

Hydrates and revitalizes

Rosehip Oil is a perfect all-rounder face oil – it hydrates dry skin, brightens dull skin, revitalizes and regenerates skin, repairs damaged skin, and makes the skin soft and supple. Rich omega 6 fatty acid content helps in strengthening the skin’s natural barrier, thereby preventing water loss and restoring moisture. It is a very light oil and easily penetrates the skin without making it greasy. It is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin. With a comedogenic index of 1, Rosehip Oil is very less likely to clog pores and cause acne outbreaks.

Delays aging

Rosehip Oil is regarded as the ‘Oil of youth’ for its powerful anti-aging, restorative, repairing, and protective properties. It is known to accelerate cellular regeneration, boost collagen production, improve elasticity, and prevent sagging. Its regenerating property helps to minimize fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. Powerful antioxidants in the oil help to combat free radical damage and prevent oxidative stress that causes premature aging. You may add a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil into a blend of Rosehip, Prickly Pear, and Pomegranate Seed Oil to create a potent anti-aging face oil blend. Apply the oil regularly to your face and leave it overnight for maximum benefits.

Fades scars, marks, and blemishes

Its potent regenerative property is due to the abundance of ß-carotene, a form of vitamin A, which encourages cell renewal and skin repair. You may add Tamanu oil to make a more potent anti-scar blend. Add a few drops of Carrot Seed and Helichrysum Essential Oils for added benefits. Apply this blend to the affected area regularly to get the most benefit.

Reduces hyperpigmentation

Regenerative and repairing properties of Rosehip Oil may help in reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Further, antioxidants in the Rosehip Oil help reduce the overproduction of melanin that leads to uneven skin tone, age spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Brightens dull skin

Rosehip Oil is a powerhouse of skin-brightening vitamin A, in the form of carotenoids. It helps to brighten dull skin, even skin tone, and improve the skin’s glow. Further, its emollient property helps to make the skin soft, hydrated, smooth, and radiant.

Fights acne

Studies have shown that less omega 6 fatty acid in the skin makes it more prone to acne. High omega 6 in Rosehip Oil helps it in fighting acne. Moreover, it has a comedogenic rating of 1, which means that it is very less likely to clog pores.

Treats dark circles

Rosehip oil is known to help in fading dark circles and is commonly used in under-eye serums. You may add Avocado Oil, and a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to make a potent blend.

Treats dry lips

Apply a few drops of Rosehip oil to treat dry, chapped lips. It gets readily absorbed into the skin and makes the lips soft and luscious.

Strengthens skin’s barrier function

Rosehip Oil is very rich in omega 6 fatty acid which helps to repair and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function, preventing water loss and invasions from microbes and toxins. Repairing the skin barrier also helps in reducing skin sensitivity and roughness.

Frankincense - The King of Essential Oils

Revitalizes skin

Frankincense Essential Oil is one of the most potent constituents to achieve youthful, flawless, glowing, and healthy skin. Its powerful regenerative, protective, hydrating, and healing properties help rejuvenate the skin and bring its natural glow. Add a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to your daily face oil or cream.

Delays aging

Frankincense Essential Oil is known to be the most potent essential oil for promoting youthful skin, delaying aging, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. It helps to delay aging by encouraging cellular renewal and protecting the skin from oxidative stress. Further, its astringent property helps to minimize the pores and tighten the skin. To make a potent anti-aging face blend, add 6-12 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to a mixture of 15ml Rosehip Oil and 15ml Prickly Pear Oil.

Fades scars, marks, and blemishes

The potent regenerative property of the Frankincense Essential Oil helps to reduce dark spots, marks, sun spots, age spots, blemishes, and pigmentation.

Fights acne

Frankincense Essential Oil helps control acne owing to its astringent, oil-balancing, and anti-bacterial properties. Further, its anti-inflammatory and healing properties help promote acne's faster healing, reduce swelling and redness, and fade acne marks.

Hydrates skin

The oil-balancing property of Frankincense Oil helps to treat dryness and soothe dry skin conditions.

Why Organic?

Today, using the term 'organic' is unregulated in most markets and is often misleading. Products labeled as 'organic' offer no guarantee that they are free from synthetic chemicals or pesticides unless certified by a credible independent body.

Aroma Tierra organic range is 'Certified organic' by ECOCERT, a globally reputed independent certification body from France that follows very stringent organic certification standards. We ensure that everything from beginning to end is organic – farmland is organic for at least 3 years, seeds are organic and non-GMO, farming is done without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, cleaning agents are organic, extraction is organic, and packaging does not contaminate the organic product.

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