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How to identify whether the Essential Oils in the market are pure?

3 min read

Essential Oils offer immense therapeutic benefits, provided these are pure, natural, and of high quality. In contrast, synthetic, adulterated, or low-quality oils manufactured to mimic Essential Oils do not carry any therapeutic benefits and often even have some harmful ingredients. It is easy to assess the oil's purity using GC MS or other technical tests, however, these tests are not often cost-effective for retail consumers. Therefore, we have prepared a list of tips that can help identify whether the oil is pure or not to a large extent.

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How to use essential oils

4 min read

Essential oils and essential oil blends are pure organic compounds and should be used with proper mechanism for maximum benefits

1. Candle diffusion

This is the most ancient and the most popular form of using essential oils. It is a great way to experience amazing fragrance as well as aromatherapy benefits of the oils. In addition, candle diffusers are visually appealing and add to the aesthetics of the atmosphere

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