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Lavender Hydro Mist

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Toning • Balancing • Relaxing

Bursting with natural goodness of lavender flowers, Aroma Tierra Lavender Hydro Mist is an organic, all-natural, and alcohol-free lavender hydrosol.

It offers powerful therapeutic benefits of lavender, in an easy & safe form, that can be used directly without dilution. It promotes healthy skin, strengthens skin’s barrier function, soothes irritated or inflamed skin, controls acne, and gently purifies & cleanses the skin. It is an effective all-natural toner that balances pH and reduces pore size. Well known for its mood-enhancing benefits, Lavender Hydro Mist helps to promote relaxation, ease anxiety, reduce fatigue, and promote a restful sleep. It is extremely versatile and is commonly used as linen spray, non-toxic room freshener, foot spray, and many more.

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