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Chamomile Hydro Mist


Toning • Healing • Relaxing

One of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind, Chamomile is revered for its outstanding calming, soothing, and healing benefits for mind and body. Bursting with natural goodness of these delicate flowers, Aroma Tierra Chamomile Hydro Mist is an organic and all-natural chamomile hydrosol. Aroma Tierra Chamomile Hydro Mist is extremely gentle and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and baby skin. It helps to calm irritated skin, soothe dry and flaky skin, combat dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, and brighten dull skin. With mild toning and astringent properties, it is a great natural toner for delicate, sensitive, or dry skin. Chamomile water has comforting, fresh and herbaceous aroma that helps to deeply relax and unwind, and is widely used to fight anxiety and sleep problems.

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